Occupy NH

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Nearly two and a half years after the city of Manchester evicted Occupy New Hampshire from Veteran’s Park, the group’s case was heard before the state Supreme Court Wednesday. The case hinges on whether the group was exercising free speech when it set up its camp community, among other things.

Occupy New Hampshire caught the wave of protests that swept the nation in October of 2011. The protesters had a city permit to protest during the day in the park, but after only two nights of camping out police removed them, arresting five.

Splitting up the 99%

Sep 19, 2012
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This week marks the one year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement – and though some vigilant protesters saw a lot of promise in the 185  New York arrests on Monday, there’s no denying that the movement has changed, and in many ways diminished since last fall.  Here in New Hampshire, an online feud has forced Occupy’s local chapter to do some tricky math... how do you divide 99 percent by two?  NHPR’s Ryan Lessard has the story. 

Jonathan Lynch

Members of Occupy New Hampshire returned to Manchester Saturday to demonstrate outside of the Republican Presidential Debate at St. Anselm's College and spread their message of economic inequality.

Nearly five months after Occupy New Hampshire’s last tents were torn down in Veteran’s Park, the ninety-nine percenters returned to Manchester to demonstrate against what they perceive to be growing economic inequality across the nation.

Jonathan Lynch / NHPR

Members of the Occupy New Hampshire movement demonstrated in Manchester this weekend.

More than 200 protesters gathered in Veteran’s Park Saturday afternoon to express their dissatisfaction with the state of the country and proclaim their solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Referring to themselves as the 99%, the assembled demonstrators protested the concentration of wealth in the top 1% of the population.

At one point, around 100 of the activists marched down Elm Street, picketing in front of the Bank of America and Citizens Bank buildings.