Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu continues to draw fire from his rivals. During a debate on WGIR radio Wednesday morning, Republican Frank Edelblut said Sununu's Executive Council vote to fund Planned Parenthood was not conservative. Sununu defended his vote.

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The Legislature's new drug task force kicks off Tuesday with its first meeting aimed to help better address the state's opioid crisis.

The group has a busy schedule, with nearly 20 people expected to speak over the course of the day. That will include Manchester Chief of Police Nick Willard, and Tym Rourke, who chairs the Governor's commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

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Gov. Maggie Hassan is calling on the state's Board of Medicine to develop stronger rules for prescribers of painkillers to help prevent opioid abuse.

Hassan called on the board to select one of its members by week's end to work with her office and the attorney general's office to come up with proposed rules by the board's Oct. 7 meeting.

Hassan said the current recommendations are not rules and appear to be "outdated and inconsistent with the current understanding of the addictive propensities of opioids."

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A task force appointed by the governor says first responders need quick and easy access to a drug that’s been proven to save lives during a heroin overdose.

There were over 1,200 drug related emergency calls in NH last year. Seventy people died from heroin overdoses.

But the drug task force’s expects higher numbers in 2014, which is why it wants first responders to have easy access to a nasal spray called naloxone. That drug has proven to be effective in saving the lives of people in the throes of an opioid overdose.