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Presidential candidates talk a lot about what they'll do to jump start the economy. But what about local TV stations that rely on campaign ads to pay the bills? They're hurting. Today on the show, it may feel like all campaign, all the time, but not on TV.

And, the Rio Olympics have ended - and green pool and Ryan Lochte-gate aside, it wasn't half the disaster people feared. But now with the Paralympics just around the corner, and only a fraction of tickets sold, disaster might just get another chance.

Granite State Athlete to Compete in Paralympics

Aug 16, 2012

New Hampshire athlete Victoria Arlen headed to Europe Wednesday in preparation for the Paralympics on August 29.

Victoria Arlen’s chances at a medal are pretty good. The Exeter High school senior broke two world records for competitive swimming at the Paralympics trial this past June. Arlen was an avid swimmer before an undiagnosed spinal inflammation put her in a vegetative state at age 11, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.

Only three years after waking from her coma she broke records in the 100 and 400-meter freestyle, securing her place on the U.S. team.