Word of Mouth
12:00 pm
Wed April 10, 2013

Jane Goodall: Anthropologist, Primatologist...Plagiarist?

Credit Photo by Patriziasoliani, from Flickr Creative Commons

This month, award-winning anthropologist Jane Goodall was supposed to be celebrating the release of her fifteenth book “Seeds of Hope”. Instead, publication of the work has been delayed after investigation revealed Goodall borrowed a number of passages without attribution.  While reviewers for the Washington Post and New York Times held back from using the “P” word outright, a vocal minority is very concerned about the amount of copied material in ‘Seeds’ – and the dubious content of the book itself. Michael Moynihan is Cultural News Editor for The Daily Beast. You can read his article about Goodall’s new book here.

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Word of Mouth
9:43 am
Mon May 7, 2012

The Cyber Writer’s Bête Noire

Photo by Steve Rhode, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Raw Story Executive Editor Megan Carpentier joins us to discuss the ever retrievable well of internet content and provides some helpful hints for would-be web writers, based on the lessons of a few who took some pretty wrong turns.    


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