Word of Mouth
9:35 am
Fri December 9, 2011

Writers on a New England Stage: Chris Matthews

(Photo by David Murray of Clear Eye Photo)

Chris Matthews is best known for his opinionated and combative style on his MSNBC program, "Hardball with Chris Matthews." What's lesser known is that he's a former print journalist, was a long-time aide to Tip O'Neill, and that he grew up in an Irish Catholic family...of Republicans. All this played no small part in sewing the seeds of his admiration for a man he'd later write two books about, John F. Kennedy. 

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6:58 pm
Thu December 8, 2011

NH Senators Split Vote Over Consumer Bureau Nominee

New Hampshire’s senators split their votes over the president’s nominee to head the nation’s new bureau to protect consumers from financial fraud. 

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray didn’t stand a chance and it’s not because he’s controversial. Republicans just don’t like the consumer bureau the president asked him to head. The new bureau is housed in the Federal Reserve and paid for with its funds. Without the need to ask for money annually Republicans, such as New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte, say lawmakers lack essential oversight powers. 

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Campaign 2012
6:15 pm
Thu December 8, 2011

Tea Party Voters Feel Pull From Paul And Gingrich

Josh Rogers

Tea Party voters were expected to play a key role in the 2012 republican presidential primary. But with movement hopefuls Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry low in the polls, and Herman Cain now out of the race, the Tea Party vote remains very much in play.  Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul may stand most to gain. New NHPR’s Josh Rogers reports.

 Attend any NH campaign event with a Tea Party flavor and you will come across more than a few voters like Mark Grenier.

“Mitt Romney? I’d spit on his shoes. The man’s flip-flops, health care, you can’t trust him.”

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Campaign 2012
12:01 pm
Thu December 8, 2011

Romney Sics Sununu on Gingrich

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is starting to criticize Newt Gingrich -- and turning to former Governor John Sununu to lead the attacks. NHPR’s Josh Rogers reports.

Governor Sununu is practiced at delivering political put-downs. His flashed a sharp-tongue at the state house and relished the role of enforcer as President George H.W. Bush’s chief of staff. In a Romney campaign call with reporters, Sununu took aim at Newt Gingrich’s comment, since recanted, that Paul Ryan’s budget plan amounted to “right-wing social engineering.”

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It's All Politics
10:15 am
Wed December 7, 2011

Mitt Romney Declines Donald Trump's Debate Invite

Mitt Romney entertains a toddler in Paradise Valley, AZ, Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011.
Ross D. Franklin AP

Originally published on Tue December 6, 2011 6:35 pm

Donald Trump's planned Republican presidential debate lost a major reason for tuning in: watching Mitt Romney contend with Newt Gingrich, the latest rival to claim frontrunner status.

Romney said Tuesday he planned to skip the debate to be moderated by Trump, the TV reality show star and real-estate developer.

The former Massachusetts governor told Fox News' Neil Cavuto of his decision to decline the invitation to the Trump debate being sponsored by NewsMax and ION TV.

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Morning Edition
9:46 am
Wed December 7, 2011

Liberty Watch: A Focus on the Candidates

Liberty Watch site logo

The American Civil Liberties Union has launched a web site it calls Liberty Watch.  The focus is on the presidential candidates. 

Steve Gosset is the manager of media relations  with the ACLU and came to our studios to explain what Liberty Watch does.





The Two-Way
1:55 pm
Tue December 6, 2011

Gingrich Takes Lead In New Iowa Poll

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.
Spencer Platt Getty Images

Originally published on Tue December 6, 2011 10:32 am

With the Jan. 3 Iowa Republican caucuses set to kick off the "real" battle for the party's presidential nomination, there's word that:

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Word of Mouth - Segment
11:46 am
Mon December 5, 2011

The War on Christmas...trees.

Photo by Tomasz Krawczak, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

The holiday season, we’re often reminded, is a time for people to come together…except, when it isn’t.   This year’s ‘War on Christmas’ skirmish revolves around the Christmas tree.

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Political Junkie
7:04 am
Mon December 5, 2011

Assessing Newt's Rise, Cain's Fall. Plus: The Return Of The Donald?

The Union Leader's track record with endorsements is mixed.
Ken Rudin collection

Originally published on Mon December 5, 2011 6:53 am

So now it's Newt Gingrich.

In what has become the most improbable result of a most improbable campaign season, Gingrich, the former speaker of the House who has been out of public office since 1998, has benefited from a series of well-reviewed debate performances to catapult himself to the top of the GOP presidential pack. Not just the leading "Anybody But Mitt (Romney)" candidate. The leader, period.

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Herman Cain
4:32 pm
Sat December 3, 2011

Campaign Over, Cain Vows To Go With 'Plan B'

With his wife, Gloria, standing behind him, Herman Cain announces that he is suspending his run for the GOP presidential nomination, outside his campaign headquarters in Atlanta on Dec. 3.
Scott Olson Getty Images

Originally published on Wed May 23, 2012 11:13 am

It wasn't supposed to end this way for Herman Cain.

His improbable run for the GOP presidential nomination should have served to burnish his CEO credentials, sell his books and enhance the fee the Baptist lay minister charges for motivational speeches and appearances.

This fall, the simplicity of Cain's 9-9-9 tax-reform plan propelled him to the top of a volatile field. Soon other candidates were rushing to introduce their own versions of a flat tax.

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11:58 am
Fri December 2, 2011

Leading Republicans Against Right-To-Work Can Keep Their Posts After All

Right-to-Work legislation has proved controversial in the Granite State–as have Speaker O’Brien’s attempts to overturn the governor’s veto.
Protect NH Families Flickr / Creative Commons

Yesterday, we linked to a story on TheLobbyNH.com following-up on House Speaker William O’Brien’s latest attempt to overturn the governor’s veto of Right-to-Work legislation.

A number of Republicans joined Democrats in opposition to the override during Wednesday’s vote.

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Campaign 2012
11:32 pm
Wed November 30, 2011

Cain Continues to Reassess


Republican Herman Cain says he’s continuing to reevaluate the future of his presidential campaign. NHPR’s Josh Rogers reports Cain says he needs to talk to his wife before deciding if he stays in the race. 

Herman Cain called the allegation he’d been involved in a long-term extramarital affair “trumped up” and said it showed the length his opponents would go to derail his campaign. But Cain also acknowledged the alleged affair, which follows earlier allegations of sexual harassment, is prompting him to rethink his candidacy.

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6:12 pm
Wed November 30, 2011

Right-to-Work Defeated

Labor groups and their supporters won a major victory today at the statehouse.

Several dozen Republicans joined House Democrats to sustain Governor Lynch’s veto of the Right-to-Work .

Going into the vote nobody was willing to predict how it would turn out.

It was too close to call.

Supporters of the bill that would ban unions from collecting negotiating fees from non-union employees needed a 2/3rds majority to overturn Lynch’s veto.

So after the 30 seconds lawmakers got to cast their votes, a hush came over the 379 state Representatives.

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3:16 pm
Wed November 30, 2011

House Shoots Down Lynch Plan

As expected, the House rejected Governor Lynch’s education funding constitutional amendment.

But about a third of the Republicans actually voted for the plan.

For several weeks, GOP leaders have said the governor’s proposal is all but dead on arrival in the House.

The key problem- most conservatives believe it gives the courts too much say over future education funding formulas.

But long-time lawmaker, Republican Neal Kurk urged colleagues to step back and think carefully.

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9:17 pm
Tue November 29, 2011

Many Expect Right-to-Work Vote Wed.

Right-to-Work advocates and opponents are gearing up for the House to take up the governor’s veto Wednesday.

The debate will be vigorous and very public.

Members of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity have secured permits for most public places in and around the statehouse.

Union workers are expected to show up in healthy numbers, urging lawmakers to block the bill that would ban unions from collecting fees from non-members.

To top it off, GOP presidential contenders John Huntsman and Rick Perry are delivering remarks to the full House.

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