Primary 2012

Live Coverage: Florida 2012 Primary
1:17 pm
Tue January 31, 2012

Florida 2012 Primary Live Coverage: Jan 31

NHPR brings you live NPR coverage Tuesday night from the Florida primary.

Robert Siegel and Audie Cornish will host live coverage, which will begin at 8 p.m., when the last polls close, and run until 10 p.m.

Coverage will feature candidate speeches, interviews, and expert analysis from NPR Contributors E.J. Dionne (The Washington Post) and Matthew Continetti (The Weekly Standard), along with polling insights from The Pew Center’s Andrew Kohut.  We’ll also hear from NPR’s Mara Liasson and Ron Elving.

Word of Mouth - Segment
11:44 am
Mon January 23, 2012

Gaming for the Presidency

Photo by, Hayn0r, courtesy of Flcikr creative commons

This weekend, newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary by a two digit margin over Mitt Romney. Or, in the words of the gamer generation, Mitt Romney got “pwned”. Political rhetoric has been forever imbued with fierce competitive language – so it’s only natural that today’s campaigns would borrow psychology and strategy not only from war and sport, but also from the emerging power of games.

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3:22 pm
Thu January 12, 2012

Primary Day Intern Addition !


By Ryan Edward Brown

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Primary 2012
5:42 pm
Wed January 11, 2012

The Economic Side of the New Hampshire Primary

Voters at a polling place in Bow, January 10, 2012.
Jon Greenberg, NHPR

The New Hampshire primary is about politics – obviously – but it’s also about economics, albeit in a much smaller way. While the rest of the state was watching vote totals and checking on the mood at campaign headquarters, reporter Amanda Loder of StateImpact New Hampshire was looking at the economic effects of the first in the nation primary. She tells All Things Considered host Brady Carlson about what she learned. 


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Campaign 2012
11:14 pm
Tue January 10, 2012

On the air

NHPR's Brady Carlson is on the air with NPR Political Junkie Ken Rudin, and Dante Scala from the University of New Hampshire. 

10:21 pm
Tue January 10, 2012

Santorum: "On to South Carolina"

Rick Santorum addressed his supporters in Manchester at the Derryfield Country Club.
Kevin Flynn for NHPR.

Speaking to a crowd of 150-300 supporters in Manchester, former PA Senator Rick Santorum says the momentum of Iowa and New Hampshire will take him into South Carolina against Mitt Romney.

Santorum thanked Granite State supporters for listening to his message of faith, family, and freedom.

Afterwards, Santorum and his family shook hands for ten minutes before leaving for a private runway at Boston/Manchester Airport. He'll spend the night in South Carolina.

9:41 pm
Tue January 10, 2012

The end is near...

Santorum campaign officials have told the crowd of 150 supporters here in Manchester that the candidate should take the stage in 10 minutes or so.

The large TV's that have been monitoring the race (which is now between him and Gingrich for 4th) have been switched off.  It will allow Santorum to take the stage without having Gingrich visibly overtake him in the results or a Gingrich speech to overshadow his.

Meantime, Santorum has a private plane waiting to take him to South Carolina as soon as he's done.

Campaign 2012
9:36 pm
Tue January 10, 2012

Romney HQ quiets for the night

End of the night at Romney HQ
Taylor Quimby for NHPR

Results are still coming in, and candidates are still hitting the podium - but here at Romney HQ, all has gone quiet after an early victory speech from Mitt Romney.  The event space cleared quickly after Romney made his way around the room.  Only staffers and media remain - the latter quietly continuing to log election coverage as it airs across  several flat screen televisions.

9:33 pm
Tue January 10, 2012

Values stressed at Santorum camp

Kevin Flynn for NHPR

Field producer Kevin Flynn snapped this photo of a button being worn by supporters at Rick Santorum's camp tonight. With nearly half of the precincts reporting, Santorum is in fifth place with 10% of the vote.

9:19 pm
Tue January 10, 2012

Newt Supporter: "We'll see in South Carolina"

Newt Signs at the Radisson Hotel Ballroom
Todd Bookman

The ballroom here at the Radisson hotel has yet to get really crowded, but Newt supporters in attendance remain enthusiastic. One supporter, Glenn Fiscus,  is unsurprised with Newt's poor showing in New Hampshire saying, "Romney did a hatchet job on him in Iowa," referring to the attack ads run by a pro-Romney group in that state. When asked how he liked Newt's chances going forward, Fiscus nods knowingly and says, "We'll see in South Carolina." A pro-Newt group in South Carolina has spent $3.2 million on a negative ad campaign in South Carolina.

9:18 pm
Tue January 10, 2012

Politics on Tap

Ryan Lessard for NHPR

Huntsman supporters are making full use of the bar in the Black Brimmer and it looks like a predominantly young crowd. Huntsman is holding a comfortable third place position with 17 percent of the vote with nearly half of the precincts reporting. 

9:11 pm
Tue January 10, 2012

He hitchhiked from PA to be here

Sean Michael O'Dwyer thumbed in from Pennsyvania to campaign for Rick Santorum. He was moved by Santorum's Caucus night speech.
Kevin Flynn for NHPR.

Participating in the NH Primary was not something Sean Michael O'Dwyer planned on doing. American-born, reared in Ireland, O'Dwyer heard Rick Santorum's (moral) victory speech in Iowa and was moved.

"When he was talking about looking at his grandfather's large hands," O'Dwyer recalled Santorum's story of going to his grandfather's wake, "he could have been talking about my father...He didn't work in the mines, but my father worked the land and he had these large hands."

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9:07 pm
Tue January 10, 2012

Paul Speaking to a Packed Room

Congressman Ron Paul got up to speak at 8:59PM.  The crowd was enthusiastic and let loose many cheers in reaction to Congressman Paul's speech.



8:50 pm
Tue January 10, 2012

Ron Paul Speech Beginning Soon

The lights have dimmed at the Ron Paul camp, which mean the speeches will begin in about ten minutes.  Three speakers are slated to go up before Congressman Paul.

NHPR's Jon Greenberg is ready to cover the event.



8:49 pm
Tue January 10, 2012

Supporters Chanting the New Slogan

Ryan Lessard for NHPR

A group of Huntsman supporters have broken into spontaneous chanting. They are holding up the new red signs yelling "Country First".