In Coos District 1 two Republican incumbents – Duffy Daugherty and Larry Rappaport of Colebrook are running against Larry Enman, a Democrat from Errol.

Here is how Daugherty and Rappaport voted on some higher-profile issues during the past year:


Voter ID: Voted in favor of requiring voter identification. NHPR story.

Chris Jensen for NHPR

Ovid Lamontagne dominated the Republican primary in Coos County Tuesday.

Lamontagne routinely pulled at least 50 percent – and in some cases 80 percent or more - of the vote in town after town.

In Berlin Lamontagne took 81 percent of the vote; 72 percent in Lancaster; 57 percent in Colebrook and 70 percent in Whitefield.

Meanwhile, Republican incumbents Larry Rappaport and Duffy Daugherty of Colebrook have apparently held off challenger Charles Kurtz of Errol.