Word of Mouth - Segment
8:04 am
Sat November 5, 2011

Word of Mouth for November 5th, 2011: Part 1

scooter race
(Photo by Simon Webster via Flickr Creative Commons)

The other drug war South of the Border. An investigative reporter uncaps Big Pharma's secretive drug trials in South America. And researchers uncover the strange paradox of why Americans want to give their money to those with more, not less.  A   

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Word of Mouth
2:17 pm
Tue November 1, 2011

Genetic Genocide: GMO Mosquitoes

Karl-Ludwig Poggeman Flickr Creative Commons

Editor for Scientific American Michael Moyer explains how genetically-modified mosquitoes could stop the spread of Dengue Fever; unless uncomfortable corporate practices don't cause a GMO backlash first.


Socrates Exchange
12:00 am
Thu April 22, 2010

Socrates Exchange: Are there ethical limits to biotechnology?

Alfred Hermida vis Flickr/Creative Commons

Our next Socrates Exchange discussion begins! This time we ask we ask “are there ethical limits to biotechnology?” From aspirin to artificial limbs many of us enjoy the benefits of biotechnology, but is there a point where it crosses the ethical line... steroids in sports, cloning or choosing the genetic makeup of your child? Post your thoughts below and respond to other postings.


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