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The New Hampshire Retirement System says it saw gains in fiscal year 2015, though the return on investment was smaller than that of previous years.  The trust fund’s assets grew by roughly $120 million to just over $7.5 billion as of June 30th.  The 3.5% return on investment is a drop from the previous year, in which the retirement system earned over $900 million with a 17.6% rate of return.  Officials pointed toward a range of factors that complicated investments over the past year. "NHRS - like all investors -

NHPR Staff

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has upheld some legislative reforms to the state retirement system, a month after upholding key provisions.

The court on Friday upheld changes to the definitions of "earned compensation" and Cost of Living Adjustments. It ruled the changes didn't retroactively reduce pension benefits earned before a law was passed, and that employees don't have a contractual guarantee that the terms of the plans will never change.

The ruling addressed a lawsuit by the American Federation of Teachers.