Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR


  Eversource is planning to invest $41 million to prune trees along more than 2,700 miles of power lines in New Hampshire to reduce outages.

Bob Allen, manager of Vegetation Management at the utility, says the lack of rain and snow in the region over the past year-plus has taken a toll on trees, and managing them is even more vital than ever.

Eversource will start tree trimming in about 150 New Hampshire communities this year, including 140 miles of work along roadways in Weare, 100 miles in Manchester, and 85 in Laconia.

Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

When you’re a transmission arborist, you spend a lot of time in a helicopter, cruising over power-lines.

“So here’s an example of non-compliant vegetation,” says Kurt Nelson who does this job for Eversource. He indicates some young pines growing underneath the tall transmission towers. They aren’t high enough to endanger the lines… yet.

“That’ll be a target for us,” says Nelson.