Tuckerman Ravine

NH News
8:55 am
Thu April 17, 2014

Spring Skiing In Tuckerman Is Best It's Been In Decades

A racer on the headwall in 1934 American Inferno, a race from the top of Mt. Washington to bottom passing through the ravine.
New England Ski Museum

It’s a given: on spring weekends, if there’s good weather forecast, by 7 am the Tuckerman’s Ravine parking lot will be overflowing with hundreds of cars.

Tuckerman’s is one of the most storied backcountry ski slopes in the country, and every spring thousands of skiers brave avalanches and ice-falls to test themselves against the steep slope. On a crowded day, there are estimates that as many as 3,000 people make the trek up to the bowl.

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North Country
1:56 pm
Tue December 31, 2013

Avalanche Survivor Describes The Fall, The Flight And The Landing

A 24-year-old Massachusetts man who survived an avalanche on Mount Washington Saturday afternoon says it was a bewildering and terrifying trip down the Tuckerman Ravine.

Adam Herman of Oak Bluffs, was walking ahead of his partner, Conor Lodge, when he felt the snow begin to give way.

He turned and desperately tried to sink his ice ax into the snow.

“It didn’t take, so I just fell,” he said.

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North Country
5:20 pm
Sun December 29, 2013

Rescuers Astounded Two Men In Avalanche Escaped Serious Injury

Courtesy of US Forest Service: This is the Lip area as it looked on Dec 24. The Lip is the section in the upper right corner. A previous avalanche crown line is visible at the top of this snowfield. This is the approximate location of where the recent avalanche was triggered.

Rescuers say it is amazing that two men caught in an avalanche on Mount Washington’s Tuckerman Ravine weren’t seriously injured, but they had a brutal ride.

The two men were on their way down Mount Washington Saturday afternoon when they missed the turn onto the Tuckerman Ravine Trail, says Jeff Lane, a snow ranger with the U.S. Forest Service.

Then, they walked into an area known as The Lip, triggering an avalanche that carried them through a perilous area.

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North Country
9:48 am
Tue August 14, 2012

Massachusetts Man Died Monday On Tuckerman Ravine Trail

The 57-year-old man who died on the Tuckerman Ravine Trail Monday has been identified as Gary Muise of Sharon, Massachusetts.

Muise was hiking with his teenage daughters when he collapsed about two and one-half miles from the Pinkham Notch Visitor’s Center, according to a news release from New Hampshire Fish and Game.

Rescuers were not able to revive him.

Fish and Game said he died as the result of a "medical emergency" and an autopsy is planned.

North Country
6:00 pm
Mon May 21, 2012

Body of Massachusetts Man Recovered from Tuckerman Ravine

The body of a Massachusetts man who fell into a crevasse in the Tuckerman Ravine in April was recovered early Monday, according to a news release from the White Mountain National Forest.

Norman Priebatsch, 67, tripped while hiking and slid into a deep crevasse on April 1st.

While a searcher was partially lowered into the crevasse shortly after he fell the body couldn’t be seen and experts concluded he couldn’t have survived such a fall.

Additional efforts were suspended out of fear that a rescuer could be hurt or killed, officials said.

North Country
5:47 pm
Mon April 2, 2012

Boston Man Missing After Falling Into Crevasse On Mount Washington

A Massachusetts man fell into a deep crevasse in the Tuckerman Ravine Sunday afternoon and is thought to have died, according to a news release late Monday from the White Mountain National Forest.

The man was identified as Norman Priebatsch of Boston.  He was said to be in his late 60’s.

He was hiking with friends when he tripped and slid down a slope before falling into a crevasse between areas known as the Lunch Rocks and The Lip.

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