Photoshopping Vladimir Putin

Jan 7, 2015

Do a quick search of Vladimir Putin and you'll find a countless array of photoshopped images of the Russian leader riding a bear, a shark, a giraffe, an eagle and, because: puns, a Ritz® cracker.

There are a bevy of tumblr's devoted to photographs of Putin. Some are photoshop and mash-up photos, other are just " normal" photos of Putin, that manage to somehow appear photoshopped.

Uncomfortable Moments with Putin

 Five years ago, the New York Times moved into a gleaming new office tower in mid-town Manhattan. The shimmering structure by Starchitect Renzo Piano was commended for being green and digital-ready. Half a block away, the paper’s archives could not be more dissimilar. The sub-sub-basement -- affectionately known as the Morgue --  is cramped with hundreds of cabinets, stuffed with twelve million clippings and more than six million photographs from the paper’s 160-year history.

Friday Is For Memes: Texts From Hillary

Apr 6, 2012
<a href="http://textsfromhillaryclinton.tumblr.com/post/20533946104/inspired-by-this-thanks-to-dlind-and" target="blank">Texts from Hillary Clinton Tumblog</a>

She's been Secretary of State, a US Senator, First Lady, the world's most admired woman... and now she's gone viral. Hillary Clinton is a meme, thanks to the Texts from Hillary Tumblog.

As I write today's entry for "Here's What's Awesome," I'm listening to a tune by Richard and Linda Thompson called "Lonely Hearts." The chorus speaks of lonely hearts in "an ocean of loneliness" and "a shipwreck of pain." As if that wasn't sunny enough, along comes this cheerful verse:

No-one needs a friend, no-one cares no more
They'll look hard at you but they won't take the chain off the door
O they work and slave, keep their conscience clean
They come home at night and they talk to an empty screen

Kim Jong Il Didn't Just Look at Things, Says the Web

Dec 20, 2011
<a href="http://kimjongildroppingthebass.tumblr.com/" target=Blank">Kim Jong-Il Dropping the Bass</a> Tumblog

The famous Tumblog Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things has already updated its "about" section to read in the past tense - it now says "the dear leader liked to look at things." Now the remixers have found a whole new side of the North Korean leader - as a DJ. Check out Kim Jong-Il Dropping the Bass to see him in action.

[via Cifanic]