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There is a theme to New Hampshire This Weekend; Hippo Editor Amy Diaz offers a slate of events that celebrate hobbies.

For those who are just wild about scrapbookn’, there’s the CKC Manchester Scrapbook Convention Friday and Saturday.


Amy Diaz, Editor of the Hippo tells Morning Edition about some interesting weekend events- including the New Hampshire Macaroni and Cheese Bake Off, the Downton Abbey Tea in Brookline, and the Winter Wine Festival.

Hippo Editor Amy Diaz tells us how to get some holiday spirit in New Hampshire this weekend.

Hippo Editor Amy Diaz profiles two art events this weekend: M.C. Escher: Reality and Illusion- at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester and Objects in Motion: Survey of Work by Kim Bernard at McIninch Art Gallery at SNHU.

Two annual events take place this weekend; Hippo Editor Amy Diaz tells us about NH Open Doors and the S.N.O.B. Film Festival in Concord.

The cold weather is coming... and Hippo Editor Amy Diaz is thinking about getting outside before it does. This weekend is a good opportunity to see some nature at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness, Beaver Brook Nature Center in Hollis, or Amoskeag Fishways in Manchester.

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With a week to go until Halloween, Hippo Editor Amy Diaz has plenty of suggestions to get you in the spirit.

For the kids, there's the Halloween Howl in downtown Concord, and the Science-themed Not-So-Spooky Spectacular at the Children's Museum in Dover.

For some spirited history, try Ghost Encounters at Canterbury Shaker Village.


Grab your kilt and head for Loon Mountain this weekend; Hippo Editor Amy Diaz details the NH Highland Games, and The Palace’s production of The Full Monty. Here’s  the big reveal.

Let’s begin with the Highland Games…

It’s a huge celebration of Scottish culture and history… everything from music and dance to heavy athletics.

How many people come to this each year?

This is Scotland’s moment… they get between 21,000 and 23,00 over the weekend.

It’s a weekend to geek out at Granite State Comicon. Hippo Editor Amy Diaz tells us why it’s especially worthy for Game of Thrones fans.

Like many comicon events, Granite State Comicon has become much more than just an event for comic fans…

Children's Museum of NH

Hippo Editor Amy Diaz is back for a look at New Hampshire events this weekend; It's Fest-A-Palooza Two, the Sequel!

For foodies, there's  Greekfest in Manchester, Fire on the Mountain Henniker Rotary Chili Fest, and the Jakarta Fair in Somersworth.

Our Lady of the Cedars Church

Hippo Editor Amy Diaz has a list of festivals to attend. If you’re looking for food, art or history around the Granite State this weekend, we’ve got you covered. 

Feeling hungry?

• Manchester serves up the Mahrajan Middle Eastern Festival, a celebration of Middle Eastern culture, featuring loads of live music & Lebanese food. The festival runs from Friday 8/15 through Sunday 8/17 and takes place at Our Lady of the Cedars Church.

Want some outdoor theater? Hippo Editor Amy Diaz has a rundown of performances in the Granite State this weekend, including Shrek the Musical at Prescott Park and Outdoor Shakespeare

The strawberries are in! Hippo Editor Amy Diaz knows where to find them, and where to get some good local eats this weekend. She tells us about the Hollis Strawberry Festival and NH Dairy Day at the New Hampshire Farm Museum.

Andres Institute of Art

See how the environment affects art at three events this weekend in New Hampshire. Hippo Editor Amy Diaz details the Andres Institute of Art, the Nashua Sculpture Symposium, and Art in Nature 2014: Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at The Fells.

Concord Farmers Market

It seems as if everything was running behind schedule this spring; Maple syrup producers were worried about a slow start, and gardeners may have put off planting a bit later. What does it mean for our local farmers markets? Hippo Editor Amy Diaz has been talking with organizers and tells us what to expect- and has suggestions for eating out this weekend.

Find a list of Famer's Markets here.

Hippo Editor Amy Diaz offers a list of fairs in New Hampshire this weekend- with plenty of variety.  There's Ye New Hampshire Renaissance Faire, the Art Fest: Community Creations at the Currier Museum, something known as Brick Fair New England (featuring intricate and big creations made from Legos), and something for the sheep lovers- the New Hampshire Sheep

It's a foodies' delight this weekend. Hippo Editor Amy Diaz has some details on Eats Week in Manchester and the Made in NH Expo.

NH This Weekend

Mar 28, 2014

There are stage productions of two now-classic musicals and a film festival all happening in the Granite State. Hippo Editor Amy Diaz tells us about The Producers at the Palace Theatre, Little Shop of Horrors at Saint Anselm College, and the NH Jewish Film Festival.

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It has been a rough winter so far. Maybe you’re wondering when it will ease up. Forget the weather forecasters; there’s a certain woodchuck in PA that should know something; and if we have to wake him up and drag him out of his hole to tell us, well, that’s what we’re going to do.  So it’s with great fanfare that Ground Hog Weekend is here. Hippo Editor Amy Diaz has some suggestions to celebrate right here in New Hampshire, including a way to get up close and personal with whistle-pig. 

Ground Hog Day has actually become a cultural event, hasn’t it?

In recent years, the idea of winter farmers markets has caught on. In New Hampshire, the Department of Agriculture website lists 21 markets that run at least monthly; some weekly. So what will you find a farmer’s market in the middle of cold, snowy January? Hippo Editor Amy Diaz has done some research- she’s here to tell us about it.

Roller skating had been around for decades, but in 1980 it reached a cultural zenith with the release of the movie Xanadu. And now, you can experience it on stage at the Palace Theater. Hippo Editor Amy Diaz tells us about this musical on wheels and an exhibition at the Currier.

Amy Diaz, Editor of the Hippo tells Morning Edition about some interesting weekend events- including the New Hampshire's Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, and  It's a Wonderful Life, A Live Radio Play.

Halloween may be over, but the spirit lingers this weekend. Hippo Editor Amy Diaz details performances that blend on stage, on screen, and in the supernatural realm.

Cinematic Titanic

Night of the Living Dead with the Andrew Alden Ensemble

An Evening of the Macabre

Hippo Editor Amy Diaz talks with us about Barrel Tasting Weekend in the Lakes Region, and the Green Buildings Open House taking place around the state.

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Saturday September 28th is the 9th annual Museum Day Live around the country. Here in New Hampshire, no fewer than 15 museums and cultural institutions will offer free admission for the day. Hippo Editor Amy Diaz has some of the details.

Find  a participating museum at the Smithsonian website.

When does a church feed a virtual city of people? When do men (and women) in kilts toss telephone polls for fun and sport?   This weekend, apparently.  Here to explain why is Hippo Editor Amy Diaz.

Hippo Editor Amy Diaz says this is a weekend of strong flavors in the Granite State. She has details about the New Hampshire Coffee Festival in Laconia, and Garlic Day in Canterbury.

There's plenty to do this weekend in the Granite State. Hippo Editor Amy Diaz has some details on the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival, Dragon Boat racing in Concord, an attempt to break a world record in the Lakes Region, and some hard-core community theater.

In this week’s edition of The Hippo, one story begins like this: Have brunch from El Salvador, followed by a Middle Eastern snack, dinner from Thailand, and New England peach pie for dessert.

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It’s high summer, and that means getting outdoors with the kids. Amy Diaz, Editor for the Hippo has suggestions for family fun this weekend, including the Summer Fun Fishing Derby and a production of ‘Annie’ at Prescott Park.