5:16 am
Tue February 18, 2014

New Woodstove Rules Could Clear The Air, Push Up Prices

EPA certified wood stoves today have to emit fewer than 7 grams of particulate per hour, like this one, already are below 2.
Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

  A new EPA Clean Air standard for wood stoves is set to take effect next year.

It has been 25 years since the EPA wrote the first woodstove regulations. Since the rules were last refreshed, the health hazards from the unburned particles in wood smoke have been researched and quantified. But with the new rules now pending, manufacturers are saying that prices for new stoves will rise, and worry that will result in more people sticking with dirty old stoves.

Cheap, But Dirty

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3:55 pm
Fri December 20, 2013

Poor Air Quality For Keene Area Friday and Saturday

The Department of Environmental Services blames cold temperatures and low winds for poor air quality in the valleys of Southwestern New Hampshire, including Keene.