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The Exchange
9:00 am
Thu November 21, 2013

Employee Satisfaction In 2013

Credit Michael Lokner / Flickr Creative Commons

We’re continuing our series “How We Work: Five Years Later” by defining “employee satisfaction” in twenty-thirteen.  During the recession, many people held onto their jobs even if they were unhappy, and many employers were unable to go above and beyond the basics. But now, there’s more attention to this issue, whether it’s flex-time, good benefits, or better pay, and how these improvements affect productivity.


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Word of Mouth
10:30 am
Tue November 19, 2013

Creating Amazing Workplace Culture: Dyn's 'Culture-Con'

Just one of the employee-friendly spaces at Dyn, where the office also has a putting green, Skee-Ball, a ping pong table, and a farm-to-table cafe.
Credit Via Business NH Magazine

This week, we’re talking about work…what we do…and how our attitudes and expectations concerning work have fared under the long shadow of the 2008 financial crisis. Today, we’re taking advantage of some good timing. New Hampshire-based tech company Dyn is holding its third annual 'Culture-Con' tomorrow in its Manchester headquarters.

We talked with two participants in the gathering to talk how companies create workplace cultures that attract and engage and retain workers in meaningful and lasting ways, Dyn's COO, Gray Chynoweth, and Amanda Osmer of Grappone Automotive Group.

Note of disclosure: Grappone is an NHPR underwriter, and Gray Chynoweth serves on NHPR's Community Advisory Board.

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