Lawrence Lessig

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Lawrence Lessig, a law professor and advocate for campaign finance reform, is seeking the Democratic nomination for the presidency.

Lessig's candidacy rests on a single issue: how to eliminate the influence of big money in elections and policy-making. To that end, he has laid out an unusual strategy if elected to the White House. He promises to make passage of campaign-finance and electoral reform legislation his only goal, at which point he will resign the presidency to hand over power to the elected vice president.

Lessig has taught at several of the nation's top law schools, including Harvard, the University of Chicago, and Stanford. This is his first run for public office. 

In 2014, he helped organize the NH Rebellion, an effort to call attention to the issue of campaign finance reform. He has also been active in issues of internet law, including net neutrality.

Jason Moon for NHPR

Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig became the latest candidate to enter the Democratic side of the 2016 presidential campaign today. Unlike other candidates in the race, he is running on a single issue: getting big money out of politics.