Kevin Flynn en Santorum: "On to South Carolina" <p>Speaking&nbsp;to a crowd of 150-300 supporters&nbsp;in Manchester, former PA&nbsp;Senator&nbsp;Rick Santorum&nbsp;says the momentum of Iowa&nbsp;and&nbsp;New Hampshire will take&nbsp;him into South&nbsp;Carolina against&nbsp;Mitt Romney.</p><p>Santorum&nbsp;thanked Granite State supporters for&nbsp;listening to his message of&nbsp;faith, family, and freedom.</p><p>Afterwards, Santorum and his family&nbsp;shook hands for ten minutes before leaving&nbsp;for a private runway at Boston/Manchester&nbsp;Airport.&nbsp;He&#39;ll spend the&nbsp;night in South Carolina.</p> Wed, 11 Jan 2012 03:21:32 +0000 Kevin Flynn 1342 at Santorum: "On to South Carolina" The end is near... <p>Santorum campaign officials have told the crowd of&nbsp;150 supporters here in Manchester that the candidate&nbsp;should take the stage in&nbsp;10 minutes&nbsp;or so.</p><p>The&nbsp;large TV&#39;s that have been monitoring the race (which&nbsp;is now&nbsp;between&nbsp;him and Gingrich for 4th) have been switched off.&nbsp;&nbsp;It will&nbsp;allow Santorum to take the stage&nbsp;without&nbsp;having Gingrich&nbsp;visibly&nbsp;overtake him&nbsp;in the results&nbsp;or a Gingrich&nbsp;speech&nbsp;to overshadow his.</p> Wed, 11 Jan 2012 02:41:21 +0000 Kevin Flynn 1340 at The end is near... He hitchhiked from PA to be here <p>Participating in the NH Primary was&nbsp;not something Sean Michael&nbsp;O&#39;Dwyer planned on doing.&nbsp;American-born,&nbsp;reared in Ireland, O&#39;Dwyer&nbsp;heard Rick Santorum&#39;s (moral)&nbsp;victory speech&nbsp;in Iowa and was&nbsp;moved.</p> Wed, 11 Jan 2012 02:11:53 +0000 Kevin Flynn 1334 at He hitchhiked from PA to be here He's the father of the bride <p>Bill&nbsp;Boyd is like the father of the bride tonight.&nbsp;&nbsp;This&nbsp;Merrimack&nbsp;volunteer for the Santorum campaign&nbsp;has&nbsp;spent the&nbsp;whole day&nbsp;preparing the room for the&nbsp;candidate&#39;s primary night celebration.&nbsp; It&#39;s a&nbsp;stressful&nbsp;job, but one Boyd&nbsp;says is satisfying.</p><p>Boyd says he&#39;s been with&nbsp;Santorum&nbsp;since they met in November&nbsp;2010.&nbsp;<span style="display: none">&nbsp;</span></p> Wed, 11 Jan 2012 01:12:08 +0000 Kevin Flynn 1326 at He's the father of the bride What if they threw a political party... <p>At 7:00 pm,&nbsp;about 250 reporters, photographers and engineers are staking positions&nbsp;in the ballroom of the Derryfield&nbsp;Country Club in Manchester.&nbsp;There are a dozen satellite and ENG&nbsp;trucks in the parking lot, several&nbsp;with licenses&nbsp;plates&nbsp;from&nbsp;other time zones. Inside, the Santorum staff continues to play with&nbsp;signs and&nbsp;adjust lights,&nbsp;hoping to the&nbsp;make this an event most memorable.</p><p>What&#39;s missing?&nbsp;The supporters.</p> Wed, 11 Jan 2012 00:15:04 +0000 Kevin Flynn 1315 at What if they threw a political party... The buzz at the Santorum Headquarters <p>In the hours before the polls close - and national&nbsp;reporters have nothing to do&nbsp;except bide&nbsp;their time before their live shots - there was some real&nbsp;buzz at the Santorum&nbsp;HQ.&nbsp; Literally.&nbsp; The audio system from the&nbsp;podium was plagued by a buzz.&nbsp;&nbsp;Any audio engineer will&nbsp;tell you&nbsp;such a gremlin is caused by a&nbsp;crossed wire, a&nbsp;short inside&nbsp;a line, or&nbsp;the impedance&nbsp;on&nbsp;a&nbsp;sound line being switched the wrong&nbsp;way.&nbsp;&nbsp;The problem is&nbsp;chasing it down&nbsp;among an army of&nbsp;radio and TV new Tue, 10 Jan 2012 23:18:35 +0000 Kevin Flynn 1308 at The buzz at the Santorum Headquarters