Edmond Gionet http://nhpr.org en How North Country Reps Voted On Burying Electric Transmission Lines http://nhpr.org/post/how-north-country-reps-voted-burying-electric-transmission-lines <p>Only one representative from the North Country voted Wednesday against a bill that would encourage state regulators to give preference to electric transmission lines that are buried or located along public highways.</p><p>As NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown<a href="http://nhpr.org/post/house-lawmakers-ok-bill-encouraging-buried-powerlines"> reported</a>&nbsp;the House voted 171 – 139 for <a href="http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2014/HB0569.pdf">HB 569</a>.</p> Thu, 23 Jan 2014 15:18:41 +0000 Chris Jensen 42304 at http://nhpr.org How North Country Reps Voted On Burying Electric Transmission Lines Lincoln State Rep Proposes Two Casinos http://nhpr.org/post/lincoln-state-rep-proposes-two-casinos <p>Several bills that would expand gambling in New Hampshire are likely to be introduced this session.&nbsp; One North Country lawmaker plans to file a bill to allow two casinos in the state.</p><p>NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.</p><p>As the legislative session begins, Governor-elect Maggie Hassan has repeatedly said that she’s open to expanded gambling in the state.</p><p>And she thinks New Hampshire would benefit most from a single high-end casino near the Massachusetts border.</p> Wed, 02 Jan 2013 21:34:04 +0000 Chris Jensen 19457 at http://nhpr.org Bill Would Increase Allowable Gifts to Legislators http://nhpr.org/post/bill-would-increase-allowable-gifts-legislators <p>Among the bills to be considered by the legislature in 2013 is one that would significantly increase the value of a gift that could be accepted by legislators, who are paid only $100 a year.</p><p>NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.</p><p>Last year Edmond Gionet, a Republican rep from Lincoln, asked the legislative ethics committee whether it was okay for him to accept free ski passes to Cannon Mountain.</p><p>Gionet volunteers on Cannon Mountain’s advisory board and he saw the tickets as a nice thank-you.</p> Tue, 01 Jan 2013 20:40:00 +0000 Chris Jensen 19325 at http://nhpr.org Most North Country Legislators Vote To Retain Gay Marriage http://nhpr.org/post/most-north-country-legislators-vote-retain-gay-marriage <p>&nbsp;</p><p>Ten North Country representatives were among those who voted Wednesday to kill a <a href="http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2012/HB0437.html ">bill </a>that would have repealed gay marriage.&nbsp;</p><p>Only four North Country representatives voted to keep the repeal alive.</p><p>Two others were excused from voting.</p><p>As <a href="http://www.nhpr.org/post/effort-repeal-same-sex-marriage-fails ">NHPR reported</a> the Republican-controlled House decided to keep&nbsp;the state&#39;s gay marriage law in place on a 211 &ndash; 116 vote.</p> Wed, 21 Mar 2012 23:51:56 +0000 Chris Jensen 2675 at http://nhpr.org