right to know http://nhpr.org en House Bill Would Restrict Public's Access To Gun Permit Records http://nhpr.org/post/house-bill-would-restrict-publics-access-gun-permit-records <p></p><p>A <a href="http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2014/HB1379.pdf" target="_blank">bill</a> before the House Judiciary Committee would exempt gun permit records from the state’s right-to-know law.</p><p> Thu, 23 Jan 2014 20:43:19 +0000 Michael Brindley 42329 at http://nhpr.org House Bill Would Restrict Public's Access To Gun Permit Records With Spike In Right To Know Requests, State Looks To Balance Access With Cost http://nhpr.org/post/spike-right-know-requests-state-looks-balance-access-cost <p></p><p>As the number of Right to Know requests being filed with state agencies increases, officials are trying to balance access to public documents with the cost of fulfilling the queries.</p><p>Deputy Attorney General Ann Rice has been working with the state for 20 years and has seen a steady increase in the volume of Right to Know requests filed each year.</p> Fri, 30 Nov 2012 21:12:24 +0000 Michael Brindley 17737 at http://nhpr.org NH House Approves 24 Hour Wait For Abortion http://nhpr.org/post/nh-house-approves-24-hour-wait-abortion <p>The NH house has voted to require women to wait 24 hours before getting an abortion.&nbsp;</p><p>The so-called women&rsquo;s right to know bill had to be pared back to win final house passage. Penalties for doctors were stripped, as was the&nbsp; requirements that abortion providers give women seeking an abortion specific information about abortion risks, including a contested claim linking aborts to breast cancer.&nbsp; According to the final amendments lead author Republican Tammy Simmons of Manchester, limiting the proposal to a simple 24 waiting period is a common sense compromise.</p> Wed, 28 Mar 2012 22:06:49 +0000 Josh Rogers 2817 at http://nhpr.org