tractors en Your feedback... <p>Yes, we read all your email, tweets, and Facebook posts. Here's one of those times we get to talk about them on the air.</p> Wed, 27 Jun 2012 14:45:55 +0000 Rebecca Lavoie 7675 at Your feedback... The Farmer's Time Machine <p></p><p>Fresh vegetables aren’t the only thing local farmers put on display…at least not in Thornton, New Hampshire, where each summer,&nbsp;Russ Gilman hosts an antique tractor show at his family farm. While old farm machines might not be a big draw for the masses, Word of Mouth correspondent Sean Hurley goes to the show each year. Because an old tractor, as Sean explains it, can be a sort of time machine…</p> Wed, 20 Jun 2012 16:30:00 +0000 Sean Hurley 26069 at The Farmer's Time Machine