Scottish Country Dance en NHPR Folk Calendar 6.30.2013 <P align=center><STRONG>&nbsp;6.30.2013 Monday, July 1</STRONG></P> <P><STRONG>&gt;&gt;&gt;Ten Strings &amp; a Goatskin (Irish &amp; Francophile) </STRONG>at the Colebrook Country Club ~ Colebrook, NH ~ 7pm ~ 603-237-9302, 603-246-8998 <U><A href=""></A></U></P> <P></P> <P align=center><STRONG>Tuesday, July 2</STRONG></P> <P><STRONG>&gt;&gt;&gt; Deoro (Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer) and Amber Rubarth </STRONG>at the Town Hall ~ Nelson, NH ~ 7:30pm ~ <U><A href=""></A></U></P> <P align=center>&nbsp;</P> <P a Mon, 01 Jul 2013 00:06:46 +0000 Kate McNally 30431 at Folk Calendar 11.18.12 <p align="center"><strong>Saturday, November 24</strong></p><p><strong>&gt;&gt;&gt;The Makem &amp; Spain Brothers </strong>at the Rochester Opera House ~ Rochester, NH ~ (603)335-1992</p><p></p><p align="center"><strong>Sunday, November 25</strong></p><p>&gt;&gt;&gt;<strong>Strathspey and Reel Society of NH</strong> Annual Gala Scottish Concert featuring Highland Soles with Ed Pearlman, Neil Pearlman, Laura Scott and the Strathspey and Reel Society of NH orchestra; 2:30, Concord City Auditorium, Concord, NH</p><p><a href=""><u></u></a></p> Mon, 19 Nov 2012 02:11:12 +0000 Kate McNally 17092 at Folk Calendar 11.4.12 <P align=center><STRONG>Monday, November 5</STRONG></P> <P><STRONG>&gt;&gt;&gt;Lyle Lovett &amp; His Acoustic Group </STRONG>at Stone Mountain Arts ~ Brownfield, ME ~ 8pm ~ <A href=""><U></U></A> 207-935-7292</P> <P></P> <P>-</P> <P align=center><STRONG>Wednesday, November 7</STRONG></P> <P><STRONG>&gt;&gt;&gt;Peter Mulvey </STRONG>at Popolo ~ Bellows Falls, VT ~ 8pm ~ 802-463-9595 <A href=""><U></U></A></P> <P><STRONG>&gt;&gt;&gt;Derrick Miller </STRONG>at the Skye Theater ~ Mon, 05 Nov 2012 03:08:26 +0000 Kate McNally 16177 at