Dementia en The Language Of Dementia Turned Into Poetry <p>People living with dementia can appear to live in their own world, a complicated, non-linear inner world not so easily communicated to, or understood by others. The London-based writer <strong>S<strong>usanna</strong>&nbsp;Howard</strong> is attempting to give people with dementia a voice by visiting with them and recording their words as poetry.&nbsp;</p><p>Susanna is artistic director of <em><a href="">Living Words</a>,</em>&nbsp;an arts and literature program helping people with dementia feel understood and heard even when communication seems lost.&nbsp;</p><p>Check out the <em>Living Words</em> website <a href="">here.</a></p><p> Wed, 02 Oct 2013 16:13:11 +0000 Virginia Prescott 36043 at The Language Of Dementia Turned Into Poetry