Folk Show
9:59 pm
Sun March 10, 2013

Folk Show Playlist 3.10.13

Song/ Artist/ Album/ Label

Satisfied Mind/ Lucinda Williams/ Ramblin'/ Smithsonian Folkways

Wagon Wheel/ Pesky J. Nixon/ Red Ducks/ Pesky J. Nixon

Great Escape/ Dala/ Best Day/ Compass Records

Forsaken Love/ Pharis and Jason Romero/ A Passing Glimpse/ Pharis and Jason Romero

Petit Sarny/ The Outside Track/ Flash Company/ The Outside Track

Dover, Delaware/ Jez Lowe/ Heads Up/ Tantobie Records

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Best of Public Radio
12:00 pm
Sun March 10, 2013

Culture Shock 1913

What a year was 1913! Many have called it the true beginning of 20th century culture. From New York, where the first large-scale show of modern art alarmed viewers, to Vienna and Paris, where music by Schoenberg and Stravinsky sparked audience riots --- it was a year of artistic upset and audience apoplexy! A hundred years later, WNYC’s Sara Fishko and guests tell the story of this Mad Modernist moment of sweeping change, and the ways in which it mirrors our own uncertain age

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North Country
9:32 am
Sun March 10, 2013

Three Snowmobile Crashes Saturday In North Country

There were three snowmobile crashes in the North Country Saturday, including two in which riders were injured, according to New Hampshire Fish and Game.

The first involved 32-year-old Kevin Brigham of Brookline, New Hampshire who lost control of his snowmobile and struck an oncoming snowmobile, Conservation Officer Geoffrey Younglove wrote in a news release. Brigham suffered internal injuries in the crash on Trail 18 and was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Maine.

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Giving Matters
12:02 am
Sat March 9, 2013

'Families First' Makes Health Care Affordable

The Families First Health and Support Center is a community health center that provides services regardless of ability to pay. Sue and Kellie are a mother and daughter who have received health care services at the center.

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6:11 pm
Fri March 8, 2013

Public Calls For Easy, Affordable Health Exchange Experience

A day after the Federal government approved the state’s application for a partnership health exchange, the public had its chance to weigh in on the new insurance marketplaces.

Small business owners, parents and advocates lined up in Concord at an event organized by AARP and NH Voices for Health. Speakers expressed concerns about affordability.

Many called for more transparency.

Another fear is the sheer complexity of shopping for health insurance. Lisa Kaplan Howe with NH Voices hopes the new marketplaces will streamline the process.

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NH News
5:51 pm
Fri March 8, 2013

At Keene State College, Passion For Journalism Alive And Well

Ryan Glavey, executive editor of The Equinox, lays out the newspaper on a computer. The Equinox is the student-run newspaper at Keene State College.
Credit Michael Brindley/NHPR

Journalism is in a state of transition, as all forms of media continue to adapt to an online model of storytelling.

The Boston Globe made headlines last month, when after 20 years, its owner the New York Times announced the newspaper was for sale.

Three years ago, the Times threatened to shut down the Globe because it was losing money.

But you wouldn’t know any of this talking with Rebecca Marsh.

“I think I want to work for the Boston Globe. I think that would be really cool, covering probably politics or something in arts and entertainment.”

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NH News
4:18 pm
Fri March 8, 2013

Report Examines Rising Health Insurance Costs In N.H.

A new report from the New Hampshire Insurance Department says that heath insurance rates are on the rise in the state. The “Medical Cost Drivers Report” finds that health insurance premiums jumped 3.8%  in 2011.

The data also shows that insurance companies saw a near 3% increase in profits.

Insurance Commissioner Roger Sevigny says that rising co-pays and deductibles mean the insured are less able to rely on their health plans to cover medical bills.

There’s only so much cost sharing that someone can bear, and still call it insurance.

NH News
3:10 pm
Fri March 8, 2013

Navy Considers Closing Portsmouth Shipyard One Day Per Week

Paul O'Connor, President of Metal Trades Council
Credit Roger Wood

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard may be forced to close down completely one day a week, under federal budget sequestration.

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Granite Seen
2:53 pm
Fri March 8, 2013

Photos: Week of March 8th

The Evans-Brown Weather Contingency Plan: Reporter Sam Evans-Brown bikes to work - with his cross-country skis.
Credit Josh Rogers / NHPR
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6:00 am
Fri March 8, 2013

Coping With The 'Crazy Quilt'? Towns And State Revamp Shoreland Protection

Thanks to a strong conservation ethic, Squam Lake is one of the state's most un-developed large lakes. But development is starting to threaten water quality of many New Hampshire water bodies.
Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

Perhaps the biggest driver of New Hampshire’s tourist economy is clean water. Sparkling lakes sell boats, second homes, and jet-ski rentals. But keeping that water clean means smart development. As a new bill changing how the state protects shoreland works its way through the legislature, different New Hampshire towns disagree on what exactly smart development looks like.

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NH News
5:30 am
Fri March 8, 2013

Budget Hearings Kick Off In Concord

Interested members of the public filling the seats in the State House
Ryan Lessard NHPR

The New Hampshire House Finance Committee held its first public hearing on the budget Thursday night at the State House. And several members of the public spoke out in defense of state-funded programs ranging from legal assistance to mental health.

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Something Wild
12:00 am
Fri March 8, 2013

High Perch: Peregrines Nesting In The City

Male peregrine, banded by Chris in 2000. He came from a nest at Cathedral Ledge near North Conway, NH, and has lived in Manchester since January '01. Now 13 years old, he has helped raise all 35 peregrines fledged from this urban breeding territory.
Chris Martin NHA

The peregrine falcon: Fierce, fast, high cliff dweller, symbol of the wild. All true, but increasingly peregrines can be found inhabiting urban canyons of concrete and steel.

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5:19 pm
Thu March 7, 2013

New Hampshire Gets Okay From Feds For Health Exchange Partnership

The Federal government announced today that New Hampshire’s application for a partnership health care exchange has been approved. Exchanges are the new marketplaces where individuals and small businesses will shop for health insurance starting in October of this year. 

The partnership means the N.H. Insurance Department will continue to regulate plans sold in the state. The Federal government will pay for and control the new marketplace website and the '1-800 call center'.

4:59 pm
Thu March 7, 2013

Supporters Of Medicaid Expansion Make Their Case To Lawmakers

Due to the large crowd, lawmakers gathered in Representatives Hall to hear from the public .
Credit Todd Bookman / NHPR

    The public had its chance today to weigh in on the state’s decision regarding Medicaid expansion.

Nearly two dozen people, all in favor of expansion, testified in front of a committee of state lawmakers.

That included Susan Bruce, who lost her husband, and then her health insurance in 2009. Her part-time job offers no coverage.  

Bruce: "It is an odd position to be in. I don’t make enough money to afford to live, really, but I make too much money to qualify for Medicaid as it currently exists."

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NH News
4:46 pm
Thu March 7, 2013

Senate Votes To Table Minimum Wage Bill

The New Hampshire Senate on Thursday voted unanimously to table a plan to reinstate a state minimum wage at the same level as the federal wage of $7.25.

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