Sheryl Rich-Kern


Sheryl Rich-Kern has been contributing stories for NHPR since 2006, covering education, social services, business, health care and an occasional quirky yarn that epitomizes life in New Hampshire. Sheryl’s Challenges of Autism series won the first place award for a feature story from the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters.
In addition to producing news for NHPR, Sheryl has filed stories for Word of Mouth, as well the nationally-syndicated Environment Report, All Things Considered and Marketplace. She also writes for several business magazines.
Prior to her endeavors with radio, Sheryl worked as a public relations specialist and an adjunct college professor. She graduated Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting and film, and earned a master’s degree in management from Lesley College in Cambridge.
Sheryl has lived in Nashua for more than 20 years.


NH News
4:35 pm
Wed February 25, 2015

Increasing Longevity Of Pets' Lives Has Some Owners Seeking Animal Hospice Care

Cats and dogs are living longer these days. And more old pets is giving rise to more options for pet owners looking for pet hospice and end-of-life care.

Sharon Sernik shepherds her two greyhounds over to the feeding bowls in her Merrimack kitchen. The dogs tromp past a room that was probably meant for formal dining — but is now more like a canine retreat, with scattered pillows on a bare floor for the seven household pets. 

"We’ve got a hydrocephalic dachshund and a twisted kitty."

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NH News
5:20 pm
Thu February 5, 2015

After Nashua Roof Collapse, Officials Advise Residents To Rake Roofs

Credit Scott Hamlin via Flickr CC

Residents in 30 apartments had to evacuate a large complex in Nashua Tuesday night when part of a roof collapsed from heavy snow. No injuries were reported, but city officials are urging resident and building owners to monitor the snow loads on their roofs to prevent further incidents.

The storms from the last two weeks dropped close to four feet of snow in the Nashua region. And that creates safety risks for drivers, walkers and homeowners.

Heavy snow caused a roof collapse in a Nashua apartment building.

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NH News
9:30 am
Wed February 4, 2015

Report Highlights Economic Impact Of Commuter Rail In N.H.

Credit Rachel Pics via Flickr CC

State officials released the final numbers from a two-year study that looks at the economic impacts of extending commuter rail from Lowell, Massachusetts up through Nashua, Manchester and Concord.

The final report highlights the rail line’s projected economic impact to the area – more jobs, more real estate development and a rise in property values. It also reaffirms the findings from an earlier draft that a line from Lowell to Manchester offers the best value. 

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NH News
4:27 pm
Wed January 28, 2015

Snowstorm Wasn't A Disaster, But There's Plenty To Clean Up In Nashua

The Solwick Brothers clean up snow outside a Nashua home
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern for NHPR

A staggering two feet of snow landed in southern New Hampshire yesterday. And while it didn’t create any disasters, many in the Nashua area are digging their way out. 

As Tuesday’s storm bogged the Nashua region with heaping banks of fluffy snow, many hunkered in their homes. That made it easier for city crews to work through the day and night, clearing the roads for Wednesday.

While most businesses reopened, public schools remained closed, and many residents are still clearing the snow from their cars and driveways.

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NH News
2:26 pm
Sat January 24, 2015

Heavy, Thick Snow Hits Southern New Hampshire

Snow falls in downtown Nashua, N.H.
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern

It's the first big storm of the new year and crews have been out all day across the southern part of the state.

Saturday's thick snow has been a boon for ski resorts and snow plowers.

But for retailers, particularly independent shop owners, the forecast was grim news.

Cheryl Plunkett owns an upscale clothing boutique on Main Street in downtown Nashua.

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1:44 pm
Tue January 20, 2015

Progressive Groups Launch N.H. Campaign Aimed At A Warren Presidential Run

Volunteers are working a campaign to urge Elizabeth Warren to run for President in 2016
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern for NHPR

Two progressive groups – Democracy for America and – launched a campaign in New Hampshire this weekend to urge Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president.

On Saturday, around 75 fans of Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren packed a small conference room in one of Manchester’s mill buildings. Many held signs that promoted a presidential candidate as much as it did a populist cause.

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Business and Economy
6:00 am
Fri November 28, 2014

Lower N.H. Unemployment Means A Mixed Bag For Holiday Seasonal Work

Martina Ramsey, a full-time employee who started as a seasonal employee two years ago at Josh's Toys & Games in Nashua
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern for NHPR

The New Hampshire Retail Association expects us all to do more shopping this holiday season.  The group projects a 4.3 percent jump in sales, slightly higher than national forecasts.

In anticipation, New Hampshire retailers, warehouses and delivery services are recruiting temporary workers. And while that bodes well for the job market, not all employers and employees find what they’re looking for.

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NH News
3:40 pm
Wed October 8, 2014

Nashua Weighing $20+ Million Downtown Performing Arts Venue

A lobby rendering from the Nashua Arts Venue Proposal

Officials in Nashua are considering plans for a new downtown performance arts venue. Architectural drawings call for a multi-level theater one block from Main Street that seats 1,400 and includes a 500-car parking garage and space for a restaurant. 

The city held a public hearing on the proposal Tuesday.

Sarah Marchant, who directs Nashua’s community development division, says the project would cost around 22-point-five million dollars, but she says the city doesn’t intend to foot that entire bill.

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Business and Economy
3:10 pm
Mon September 22, 2014

Whole Foods' Pricey, Personal Formula Could Put Pressure On N.H. Farmers

Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern for NHPR

Whole Foods opened its first New Hampshire store in Nashua last month. It plans to add stores in Bedford and Portsmouth by 2016.

It’s an open question whether the Texas-based chain known for high-end natural and organic products can compete with farmers markets on the one hand and with the reopened Market Basket, or the grocers that saw their business grow as the Demoulas family feuded.

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Business and Economy
4:55 am
Mon August 18, 2014

Whole Foods Opens First New Hampshire Location Tuesday

This Austin, TX Whole Foods interior shot is typical of the upscale chain's aesthetic.
Credit Mark Stevens via Flickr CC

The upscale grocer Whole Foods, which is based in Texas with close to 400 stores around the country, opens its first New Hampshire location on Tuesday in Nashua. 

The food business has its share of troubles in New Hampshire. Market Basket’s labor protests are keeping shelves empty and customers away. And last year, Shaw’s closed many of its stores, and Stop & Shop pulled out of the state altogether.

But despite these struggles and competition from big-box retailers or local farm stands, Whole Foods is betting on consumer demand for natural and organic. 

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Business and Economy
2:30 pm
Tue July 8, 2014

Demographics, Wealth, Resiliency Add Up To More Over-Fifty Entrepreneurs

Boomer entrepreneur Steve Young poses on his motorcycle.
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern for NHPR

What’s a classic profile of an entrepreneur? Smart, prone to risk and under the age of thirty. 

Steve Young of StreetWize Technologies personifies some of those qualities, except he’s a 56-year old starting a new business aimed at older motorcycle riders.

Young takes his fiery orange Harley Davidson touring bike out for a spin near his shop in Nashua. Soon he’ll install a product in the bike that you can’t see: a hidden third wheel. 

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NH News
12:40 pm
Fri May 30, 2014

Holocaust Memorial Opens in Nashua

Holocaust Memorial
Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

New Hampshire’s first public memorial to the victims of the Holocaust officially opens in downtown Nashua this Sunday.

Unlike many memorials and museums, its funding didn’t come from a committee or a foundation.

Instead, the $150,000 was raised by a single man, former Nashua alderman Fred Teeboom, who was a Jewish child in hiding after the Nazis occupied Holland.

Nearly 70 years after he lived as a hidden child during World War II, Fred Teeboom is on a mission.

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A Matter of Degrees
8:50 am
Wed May 7, 2014

High Numbers Of Adjuncts Raise Questions Of Fairness, Quality

Kathleen Hoben teaches at Manchester Community College
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern for NHPR

At New Hampshire colleges and universities, about 70 percent of faculty members are off the tenure track. And a good percentage of those non-tenured professors are part-time.

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NH News
9:44 pm
Fri January 24, 2014

Older Addicts Face Limited Treatment Options

Farnum Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center
Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

  The latest census numbers project that more than a quarter of New Hampshire’s population will turn 60 or older by the year 2030, up almost 40 percent from 2012.

And in that same year, the number of older adults with mental health problems could meet or exceed the number of younger adults with mental health issues.  

Among the most common mental health issues: depression and alcoholism.

This silent epidemic is creating an array of challenges for the health care workforce in New Hampshire.

Dick Lievens of Tilton sits at a coffee shop in Manchester.

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NH News
2:11 pm
Thu January 23, 2014

Older Boomers Face Stigma Over Drinking Problems

Dr. Stephen Bartels, Director, Dartmouth Center for Health and Aging
Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

It’s common knowledge that in New Hampshire those between 18 to 25 years of age have a drinking problem.

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NH News
10:15 am
Thu December 12, 2013

Nashua's Historic Mansion Sold

Frank E. Anderson House, Nashua
Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

UPDATE: One of Nashua’s largest historic mansions, the Frank E. Anderson estate — last used as a school and a home for retired nuns — was sold Wednesday.

The Nashua Telegraph reports an auction scheduled for Thursday was canceled after news of the sale broke.

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NH News
9:43 pm
Thu November 21, 2013

Survivors of Suicide Loss Attend International Day of Healing

Diane McEntee, Allison Sharpe, Maureen Sloan
Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR


  This Saturday marks the 15th annual International Survivors of Suicide Day.

In New Hampshire, bereavement groups in Concord, Hampstead, Merrimack, Plymouth, and Keene will gather for an international teleconference on suicide loss. 

Local survivors will have a chance to tell their own personal stories and hear mental health experts discuss the latest research on suicide and grief.

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NH News
1:54 pm
Sun November 17, 2013

Innovative Perks Improve Workplace Productivity

Amy Sherwood and Trevor Hughes - IAPP
Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

Arcade games. Billiard tables. Onsite oil changes and dry cleaning. No limits on vacations.

These are just a few of the perks companies like the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) are cooking up to attract and keep top talent.

The IAPP produces conferences and courses for people who do things like investigate cybercrime or evaluate privacy ethics.

CEO Trevor Hughes shows off the IAPP headquarters, a converted machine shop designed to look more appealing with wood beam ceilings and funky artwork.

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NH News
4:28 pm
Fri November 8, 2013

Nashua Mayor Responds to Police Investigation

Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau spoke publicly on Friday, November 8, in response to a police investigation of her and her husband, David.

In front of about 30 people at city hall, Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau said that a small number of people are the cause of a smear campaign against her and her husband, David.

On Monday, November 4, the Lozeaus released documents from a 2009 investigation that accused her of kickbacks and her husband of bid-rigging and drug use.

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NH News
11:07 am
Sat October 19, 2013

Saturday Rally Supports Late-Night Worker Safety

Local gas station where Shannon Cothran worked
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

Friends of a fired convenience store employee who pulled out a gun to prevent a robbery are holding a rally in Nashua on Saturday at 2 PM at the local Shell gas station where he worked. 

This past Monday at 3 AM, Shannon Cothran was the lone employee at the downtown gas station in  Nashua.

When a masked individual came in, demanded money and threatened him with a knife, Cothran pull out his gun.

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NH News
11:03 am
Sat October 19, 2013

Protest For Fired Clerk Who Pulled Gun On Armed Robber

Organizer Kevin Boyle
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR


  About 50 people rallied in Nashua to protest the firing earlier this week of a convenience store clerk who wielded a handgun to ward off an armed robber.

Supporters of fired employee Shannon Cothran stood near the local gas station where he worked in downtown Nashua on Saturday.

The held up signs, calling for a boycott of Shell gas stations, owned by Massachusetts-based Nouria Energy.

Kevin Boyle organized the demonstration.

He says while Cothran did break the company’s no-weapons policy, the company needs to reexamine its attitudes:

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NH News
6:08 pm
Fri October 18, 2013

Convenience Store Clerk Knew He Could Be Fired For Carrying A Gun

Friends of a fired convenience store employee who pulled out a gun to prevent a robbery are holding a rally in Nashua on Saturday at the local gas station where he worked.

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Business and Economy
2:37 pm
Fri September 27, 2013

Local Start-ups Win $100K in Prize Money

Steve Graves of Kinetic Surface Controls
Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

The New Hampshire High Tech Council and the non-profit abi innovation hub , hosted the state's largest high tech start-up competition  at the second annual Tech Out competition in Nashua this week.

A tech-savvy crowd came to network and pitch their grand ideas to investors.

One of the 20 accredited investors, Jesse Devitte of Borealis Ventures says that, "We’re interested in smart, passionate people that have an idea that can make a material change in the market, where there’s real pain, and we’ll invest in those people."

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NH News
4:46 pm
Mon September 23, 2013

After A Funding Cut, CHINS Program Is Back

Judy Lavoie, grandparent
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern

  Two years ago, legislators cut the budget for the Children in Need of Services program.  Only kids with severe emotional problems could receive help.

That left parents and parole officers with few resources to prevent kids from running away from home or skipping school.

But a new law restores the program , although in a slightly different form.

Unlike in previous years, families in conflict don’t have to go to court to receive social services.

State officials and child advocates are keeping a close watch on how the process unfolds.

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Queen City Crime
6:00 am
Thu August 22, 2013

Manchester Police Deal With Cultural Conflicts Within Refugee Community

Kamal Basnet
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern

Close to 3000 refugees have arrived in Manchester in the last decade, many from the war-torn regions of Somalia, Sudan and Iraq.  Another 200 are expected to arrive in the city this fall.

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2:48 pm
Thu August 15, 2013

Blossoming Wine Industry Relies On More Than Hardy Grapes To Survive

Amy LaBelle and Cesar Arboleda of LaBelle Winery.
Sheryl Rich-Kern

Unlike maple sugaring or beekeeping, wine making is not a typical agricultural pastime in New Hampshire.

But new techniques in viticulture, along with classic Yankee persistence, are making local wine production a larger part of New Hampshire’s agricultural mix.

According to the New Hampshire Winery Association, the state now has 30 wineries, double the number here in 2005.  New Hampshire wine is no longer a rarity in local grocery and liquor stores, farmers markets and restaurants.

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Word of Mouth
9:49 am
Wed July 24, 2013

Silence And Photographs: Nashua Man Walking To California

Greg Hindy
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern

It’s summer. And for many college grads, a last chance to do something daring before entering the real world. Greg Hindy plans to spend a year walking from New Hampshire to California. Along the way, he’ll take photographs with a field camera. He calls it a performance art project, mostly because of the unusual rules of the journey.

Greg Hindy is taking a yearlong vow of silence.

That means no talking, no writing, no texting or watching TV.

Hindy took off a week ago.

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NH News
5:55 pm
Wed June 5, 2013

Executive Council Approves Plaistow Rail Study

On Wednesday the Executive Council authorized a new rail study  — one that examines whether to bring trains to Plaistow.

This study will cost far less than one approved earlier this year, for $3.9 million dollars to look at extending commuter rail from Lowell, Massachusetts to Nashua and then on up to Manchester and Concord.

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NH News
4:58 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

Aging In Place

Carlton Bradford
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

According to a recent AARP survey, more than 95 percent of New Hampshire seniors want to remain in their own homes as they age - but that’s not always practical or affordable.

To address these concerns, two non-profits in the state are developing a novel approach to home-based eldercare that’s becoming popular around the country.

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11:59 am
Mon April 15, 2013

New England College Hopes To Lure Students With A Three Year Degree

New England College campus in Henniker, N.H.
Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

As college costs rise around the country, some small private colleges are finding a new way to attract students—by offering financial incentives.  Some are offering discounts. Others are freezing tuition.  But New England College in Henniker has come up with its own plan to attract a wider range of students.

Beginning this May, it’s offering a year-round academic calendar, allowing students to save money by graduating in three years instead of four.

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