2.26.14: Rejection, Fake Shemps, The WOM Love Song & Lake Street Dive

Feb 26, 2014

Credit Marc Moss, Tony Alter & Atemisa ., via Flickr Creative Commons and lakestreetdive.com

Today's Word of Mouth is brought to you by: Rejection. All artists have been there, feeling confident about a submission only to find out that someone  "regrets to inform" them that their work has been denied for publication.  Well, Word of Mouth is here to commiserate with rejection letters from literary greats. Then, what do film studios do when forced to substitute an actor? Use fake shemps, of course. Taking a musical turn, we revisit the Word of Mouth love song and the fantastic listener submissions. (Really, they're awesome!) Finally, the band Lake Street Dive released their fourth LP 'Bad Self Portraits' last week, we'll dig up an interview we did with the band from 2012.

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Art of Rejection

Janis Joplin on Rejection

Fake Shemps

Love Song Submissions

  • Earlier this month our producer Taylor Quimby had some trouble writing a love song composed of romantic clichés for Valentine’s Day, so we turned to you for your help. You responded in a big way, and we’ll be playing some of our best submissions.

Lake Street Dive

  • Despite all the appearances and heavy touring schedule, Lake Street Dive found time to release their much buzzed about second full length album, Bad Self Portraits last week. We spoke with the quartet of Rachel Price, Bridget Kearney, Mike Calabrese and Mike ‘Mcduck’ Olson while they were in the middle of recording Bad Self Portraits at a recording studio in rural Maine.