5.7.14: NCAA Athletes' Rights & 'Why Is A Crossfit Gym Suing Scientists?'

May 7, 2014

Credit Runar Eilertsen via flickr Creative Commons

Today's Word of Mouth is chock full of the stories that keep us on our toes. Why would a Crossfit gym sue scientists? Guest Warren Cornwall gives us the scoop. We're also continuing our examination of higher education with two segments: one about the NCAA Pay-for-Play debate; the other about a brain-y college course.

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Mother's Day

  • Andrew Phillips is the curator of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum in Staunton, Virginia – which is also hosting an exhibit on Anna Jarvis and the origins of Mother’s Day.
  • Story Corps: Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon: Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon talk about their lives and relationship on Story Corps.

Tobacco Vaccine

Unusual College Courses: Zombies in Popular Media

  • Brendan Riley is an associate professor of English at Columbia College Chicago where he teaches writing, media studies, and literature courses. He has been teaching "Zombies in Popular Media" during January terms since 2007.