9.17.15: Waking Up White, Granite Orpheus, & a Tiny Steampunk House

Sep 17, 2015

Police shootings of unarmed black men and the deaths of African-Americans in police custody have prompted calls for a national conversation about racial inequality. So, what do well-meaning, privileged white people have to add? Today, the author of a new memoir urges white people to examine their privileged place in a stacked deck. Then, author and New Hampshire magazine editor Rick Broussard turns film director for Granite Orpheus, an experimental film project that sets the ancient myth of Orpheus against the torn-up streets of Concord.   

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Waking Up White

Debby Irving grew up with the values and inherent privileges of her New England WASP class. She is now a racial justice advocate. Her memoir Waking Up White, and Finding Myself in the Story of Race follows her realization that believing that she’s a good person with the empathy and energy to help people of color actually perpetuated her clueless notions of race.

You can see Debby speak live at Gibson’s Bookstore tomorrow, September 18th. 

Granite Orpheus

Rick Broussard is an author, editor of New Hampshire magazine, and now co-director of Granite Orpheus, an experimental film project that began with two men and a humble mission. The production has since grown to involve a wide-ranging group of collaborators, and to illustrate an important transformation for New Hampshire’s capital.

Steampunk Steamer Trunk

Also working on the Concord-based film Granite Orpheus is set designer Chloe Barcelou.  NHPR’s Sean Hurley caught up with Chloe to talk about designing something else entirely – a tiny house on wheels.  

You can see more pictures and learn more about Sean's conversation with Chloe and her tiny-house-mate Brandon Batchelder here

Time, Space, and Quantum Mechanics

For a set designer, understanding space is everything.  But understanding space-time?  Well, that’s another matter entirely.  In this piece, producer Caitlin Esch explores the growing influence of quantum physics on film and television for Philosophy Talk.

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