All Options On The Table For N.H. Health Exchange

Dec 24, 2012

The President’s health law wasn’t all that popular with New Hampshire House Republicans.  Among other actions last session, they passed a law prohibiting the state from managing its own health insurance exchange.

And for now, the state is moving forward with a marketplace run by the Federal government.

That could change, though. Democrat Ed Butler plans to file a bill that would allow the state to at least consider running its own system.

“We need to understand whether or not a state based exchange will be most beneficial in the future, and if is, we need to be able to talk about it,” says Butler, Chair of the House Commerce Committee.

He says the goal is simply to give policymakers more options.

Right now, the state is also trying to figure out its options for what’s called a partnership exchange, something not prohibited by last year’s bill.

It would give the state more control over regulation of insurance plans.

Lawmakers have until February 15th to decide if they want to go in that direction.