Another School Funding Amendment

Dec 26, 2012

Credit evmaiden via Flickr Creative Commons

Lawmakers will again seek a constitutional change to give them a freer hand to target state school aid.

There have been more than 80 attempts to pass a constitutional amendment to blunt the Claremont school funding rulings that say the state must pay for an adequate education for every child in every school. 

Every effort has failed.

Gary Richardson, a democrat from Hopkinton thinks this time may be different because this is a different sort of constiutonal amendment.

"It would not reduce the state’s obligation to fund the total cost of adequacy, it would simply say that if the legislature determines that more funds are needed to help Claremont or Franklin or some other community then the state can do that."

The amendment’s language has not been released. The proposal is being cosponsored by Republican Senator Nancy Stiles of Hampton. Both lawmakers say getting an amendment through the legislature, which requires a 3/5 majority in both chambers will be tough. If they succeed, the amendment would then need to win 2/3 support from voters.