Assessing Greek Life On College Campuses

Aug 24, 2015

Fraternities have been getting more bad press lately after embarrassing incidents from racist chants in Oklahoma to the branding of pledges here in New Hampshire. We’ll look at the headlines, but also behind them, including what the data says about the impact of fraternity and sorority life for students from grades to personal health.

This program was originally broadcast on 4/29/15.


  • Andy Thomason: Reporter for the Chronicle of Higher Education. You can read some of his reporting here.

  • Dr. Jay Walker: Assistant Professor of Economics at Niagara University. Here's an article reporting on some of his findings.

  • MaryAnne Lustgraaf: Director of Memorial Union and Student Activities at the University of New Hampshire. She helps oversee Greek Life on campus.

  • Alexandra Lynn: Student at Dartmouth and a member of the Sigma Delta sorority.