Brown Defends Advisory Role With Obscure Florida Firm

Jun 3, 2014

  NHPR's Brady Carlson talks with Boston Globe reporter Todd Wallack.

Credit Josh Rogers

Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Scott Brown has been back on the campaign trail this week, but it's the former Massachusetts Senator's work outside of politics that's now getting a lot of attention.

Boston Globe reporters Todd Wallack and Noah Bierman have been looking into Brown's involvement with a Florida company known as Global Digital

In exchange for a role on the company's advisory board last year, Brown received $1.3 million worth of stock, which has since dropped considerably in value.

Wallack joined All Things Considered host Brady Carlson to talk about their reporting.

He caught up with Brown to get a response to the initial report.

"He says that it's a perfectly legitimate company," Wallack says. "He believes it's just a start-up, and although it's been around for 19 years, it's new in weapons."

Brown tells the Globe he's advising the company based on his experience in the military and serving on Congressional committees.