Brown Takes Aim At Health Law As Dems Fire Back

Apr 11, 2014


On the first stop of what Scott Brown's campaign is calling his "Obamacare isn't Working Tour," the candidate worked hard to hit his message.

When the President of  Next Step Bionics and Prothestics told Scott Brown insurance premiums for his company are expected to increase by 30 percent, Brown was quick with a diagnosis.

"A major part of it because of Obamacare...And that’s something that Senator Shaheen was a deciding vote on and we’ve got to try to fix it."

But Brown’s supplied few specifics on how he’d do that, save for arguing it should be handled by states.

He cited Massachusetts health law passed under Mitt Romney as an example.

Of course that law, like Obamacare, hinges on requiring all people to buy insurance.

Brown didn’t answer directly when asked if he thinks all people in NH should have to buy insurance, but did say if voters here send him back to Washington he’d look build local consensus for a policy tailored to local needs.

"I would obviously work with the legislature and the governor’s office to make sure that they got the plan they wanted. To have one plan have the federal government tell you this is how you are going to do and have no flexibility, no nothing, is wrong."

The State Democratic Party, meanwhile,  derided Brown’s criticisms of Obamacare as “phony attacks” and said they were at odds with his backing of Massachusetts' health law.