Campaign Trails Cross For Smith And Lamontagne

GOP gubernatorial candidates Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith spent the last day before the primary pressing the flesh.  The two even campaigned together...sort of.

Politicians of all stripes have happily interrupted diners’ meals at the Puritan Back Room in Manchester for years.

Rarely have two rivals done it at the same time.

Both GOP candidates worked the lunchtime crowd at the Puritan Monday afternoon.

On paper, the policy differences between the two are subtle.

But when it comes to life experience, Ovide Lamontagne says he sees a significant difference.

“When it comes to leadership experience in government and in business and civic and charitable world, I bring that to the table.”

Smith says he thinks his plan to cut business taxes – which is much more aggressive than Lamontagne’s – has helped people make up their minds. 

“When people have said to me they are going to support me over Ovide, they usually say it’s because I have more of a long range plan and a detailed plan of where I would like to see the state a decade from now.”

Smith and Lamontagne believe business tax cuts will spur job growth in the state.