As Carson Works the Room, His Wife Bonds Over Births

Jul 8, 2015

Medicine came up often when GOP presidential candidate and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson campaigned at the Corner View Restaurant in Concord Wednesday.

“I’ve never lost my awe of the brain,“ Carson confided to a pre-med student who approached him inside the diner with a portrait to sign.

But Carson wasn’t alone in talking about -- and expressing wonder at -- the human body.

Candy Carson, the candidate’s wife, swapped birth stories with a group of women in the restaurant.

“She had nine children in 15 years. Doesn’t she deserve a medal?” said Candy Carson, referring to soon-to-be great-grandmother, Grace Rock of Henniker.

‘But nine Caesarians,” added Rock.

“Oh, nine Caesarians -- So you didn’t have to push it out, that’s good!” said Candy Carson, as the women laughed.