Concord Youth Hockey Raises Money For Family Of Boston Blast Victim

Apr 19, 2013

A group in Concord is raising money for one of the victims in Monday’s bombing. 

The Concord Youth Hockey Association has replaced its homepage with a fundraising form. IT is collecting donations for the family of Jeffrey Bauman Jr. Bauman is the man in that iconic, and very graphic image from Monday’s bombings. He’s being wheeled away from the scene by a man in a cowboy hat. His father, Jeffrey Bauman Sr., lives in Concord and is a fill-in coach for Concord Youth Hockey Association, where Bauman’s younger half-brothers used to play hockey.

Wes Riley is treasurer of Concord Youth Hockey:

We thought we’d step up to the plate and do a little bit of a fundraiser to as assist with their expenses in commuting, and expenses with things that frankly are unexpected in situations like these, especially with a disability that Jeff Jr. is going to be faced with for the rest of his life.

In the first 24 hours, Concord Youth Hockey raised $3,200 dollars. Jeff Bauman Jr.’s community in Massachusetts has raised $160,000 over the last two days.