Dartmouth College Sanctions Fraternity For Alleged 'Branding' Of Students

Mar 26, 2015


Credit Flickr Creative Commons / Brave Sir Robin

A lawyer for a Dartmouth College fraternity accused of branding new members compared it to a form of self-expression like body piercing or tattooing.

Alpha Delta was suspended in October for violating alcohol rules during one party and hosting another without registering it with the college. Officials are now extending that suspension over new allegations that members were branded last fall.

The frat partly inspired the 1978 movie "Animal House" and has a recent history of hazing and other disciplinary violations.

Attorney George Ostler says a small number of fraternity members voluntarily chose to get body brands, but the practice was never a condition of membership. He says no hazing occurred, no one was injured and members are cooperating fully with the college.