Former Owner of Liquid Planet Water Park Accused of Fraud

Aug 17, 2017

Kevin Dumont, chained to his water slide, in 2015.
Credit Sean Hurley/NHPR

A New Hampshire man who once chained himself to a giant water slide stands accused of securities fraud.

Kevin Dumont opened the Liquid Planet Water Park in Candia in 2008. Since then, New Hampshire’s Bureau of Securities Regulation says he unlawfully sold unsecured promissory notes to investors, raising $1.5 million to fund the park’s operations.

The Bureau accuses Dumont of selling these securities despite not being licensed to do so, and of defrauding 26 investors by not disclosing key information about the park, both of which are violations of state securities law.

Dumont has 30 days to request a hearing. If he is found liable, he faces fines, restitution of the $1.5 million to the investors, and a permanent ban on securities licensure in the state.

After Liquid Planet was put in foreclosure in 2015, Dumont gained national attention by chaining himself to the top of a 30-feet water slide. After 17 days, Dumont ended his protest atop the slide.