Forrester Promises No Run for Congress, Takes Spending Cap

Jun 10, 2016


Credit Chris Jensen / NHPR

Republican Jeanie Forrester promises she won't seek any higher office if elected governor.

Her pledge is partly a swipe at Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan, who Forrester and other Republicans say has been an absentee governor since launching her U.S. Senate bid.

Forrester, a three-term state senator, made the promise Thursday. She is also taking a voluntary spending cap that limits her at spending $625,000 in the primary contest. Democrat Steve Marchand is the only other gubernatorial candidate to agree to the cap.

Forrester says she hopes to focus the race on policy. She's rolled out economic and government reform policies and will announce a plan on the drug crisis next week.

Forrester faces Executive Councilor Chris Sununu, State Rep. Frank Edelblut and Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas in the GOP primary.