Friday is for Memes: Defensive Nickelback Fan

Mar 16, 2012

If you think Rebecca Black of "Friday" fame has had a tough run with web users, imagine being in the band Nickelback, the rockers the web loves to hate. Nickelback has been the subject/target of more memes than I can count, as well as the upsetting trend of "Nickrolling," a Rickrolling knockoff that even Rick Astley would give up at the first opportunity.

Now, the Nickelback fan base fights back - or at least an spoof of said fan base, anyway. Defensive Nickelback Fan is the Twitter account that stands up for the band that brought you "Photograph" and "Someday" and "Rockstar" because... well, even he isn't quite sure why. But somebody's got to represent for the 'backs, and that's what he's gonna do.

[Pleated Jeans]