Gatsas Says He'll Support Trump, Months After Returning His Campaign Donation

May 5, 2016

It's the question every Republican is facing this week: "Will you support Donald Trump?"

For the GOP hopefuls in the New Hampshire governor's race, the answer has been "yes." 

According to NH1 News, three candidates - Executive Councilor Chris Sununu, State Senator Jeannie Forrester and Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas - said they would support the last candidate standing in the party's presidential field.

While Sununu played down the possibility of campaigning with Trump, both Forrester and Gatsas said they would do so. (We've reached out to the fourth candidate in the race, State Rep. Frank Edelblut, for his response.) 

Gatsas' statement of support for Trump is particularly noteworthy because the mayor returned a $5,000 donation Trump made to his mayoral campaign last September. The reason? Gatsas didn't like Trump's comments in Iowa that Arizona Senator John McCain was "not a war hero" because "he was captured." 

"I think all POWs are heroes," Gatsas told the Union Leader at the time. "I think that's the end of it." 

Trump eventually walked back the remarks

We asked a Gatsas spokesperson if the mayor still had concerns about Trump's statement about prisoners of war. That spokesperson, Alicia Preston, first answered the question by referring to Gatsas' position. "Of Course Ted thinks all POWs are heroes." 

When asked for further clarification on Gatsas' feelings on Trump's POW statement, Preston replied, "It’s very simple, Ted has said he will support the nominee of the Republican Party, as that is Trump, he is supporting him."