GOP Unity? New Hampshire House Sees 4-Way Speakership Battle

Nov 15, 2016


Credit Daniel S. Hurd via Flickr CC

New Hampshire's House Republicans are embroiled in a four-way battle for the speakership after maintaining control of the chamber for another term.

Speaker Shawn Jasper is facing challenges from Reps. Laurie Sanborn of Bedford and Carol McGuire of Epsom, as well as Frank Sapareto of Derry, a returning lawmaker. The competition reflects some dissatisfaction among Republicans over Jasper's leadership style and policy initiatives.

Jasper won the speakership in 2014 with help from Democrats. The Republican caucus had selected Rep. Bill O'Brien, a former speaker, as their choice for the post.

The speaker sets the policy agenda and acts as the face of the body in negotiations with the Senate and governor.

Republicans plan to caucus on Nov. 30. The full House returns to vote on a speaker on Dec. 7.