Hassan To Lawmakers: Act Quickly On Medicaid Expansion Report

Sep 24, 2013

As a study commission nears its deadline to issue its findings on whether to expand Medicaid, Governor Maggie Hassan is urging lawmakers to take swift action once that report is released.

Speaking to members of the Nashua Rotary West Club on Tuesday, Hassan, who supports expansion, says the state can’t afford to wait.

“For every day that we delay expansion beyond Jan. 1, even conservative projections show that New Hampshire stands to lose $500,000 per day in the first year, and up to $1 million per day by 2016.”

The nine-member study commission met again Tuesday, with an Oct. 15 deadline approaching.

That’s when members must report their findings to the Legislature.

Hassan says lawmakers should call a special session once the report is issued.

Any recommendations from the report must get the approval of the Democratically-controlled House and the GOP-led Senate.