Hassan Stresses Her Record of Compromise, Budget Gains

May 12, 2016

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Governor Maggie Hassan used a speech at an event at St. Anselm College to promote what she says is her record of working across the aisle. Hassan told the crowd of business people at politics and eggs that Republicans and Democrats in Concord may argue, but they also compromise in the interest of their constituents.

"Time and again in New Hampshire we have shown that we can put out differences aside and get results for out people and our businesses and it is long past time for Washington to take the same approach."

Hassan highlighted the state's strong balance sheet; New Hampshire is on track to add $150 million to the rainy day by the end of next year, which is something Republicans also claim credit for. Hassan also called for quick passage of bills to address the opioid crisis, including statewide drug courts.