As He Files, Paul Says He Offers "Something Unique" In Primary Race

Nov 13, 2015

Rand Paul has spent plenty of time in New Hampshire over the past few years, and tried to build up some local political capital.

He phone banked for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown during the 2014 midterms, he headlined political fundraisers and donated money to the state GOP.

The Kentucky Senator once stood near the top of state presidential polls; right now he's deep in the pack.

As he filed his candidacy, Paul said he was confident local voters will see what he brings to the race. 

"I offer something that is unique: a constitutional foreign policy, fiscal restraint and fiscal conservatism. I don't think it's being offered by any other candidate in either party, and I hope that unique position will help me gather lots of votes in New Hampshire."

The filign period runs through next Friday. Several Republican candidates, including former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson have yet to make their local candidacies official.