Hooksett Voters Say 'No' To Pinkerton Deal

Mar 11, 2014

The town of Hooksett said no Tuesday to a 10-year deal with Pinkerton Academy in Derry. Only about 44% of residents voted in favor of the contract.

About 1,800 voters cast their ballots, more than doubling last year’s turnout.

But with the Pinkerton deal voted down and pro-Pinkerton board members replaced, it’s clear what mobilized them. Residents in Hooksett were unhappy with the contract which would have eventually required 90% of their high-schoolers attend the school. Tuition would have been higher than in Manchester schools and Hooksett is still paying off capital costs to Manchester for the next four years.

Still, more than 100 of the town’s current 8th graders are already enrolled for the incoming freshman class through a one-year arrangement.

Hooksett already has informal arrangements to send students to Bow, Londonderry and Pembroke high schools. The vote opens up the possibility for a new deal with Manchester.