How North Country Reps Voted On Repealing Concealed Carry Law

Apr 30, 2015

North Country reps were almost evenly split on whether to allow concealed weapons to be carried without a permit.

As NHPR reported Senate Bill 116 would repeal the law requiring a permit for concealed carry – “unless such person is otherwise prohibited.”

Among the supporters of SB 116 was Rep. John Tholl, of Whitefield, a former state trooper.

“If I know that after 44 years in law enforcement, criminals do not apply for permits and if I further believe that passing Senate Bill 116 would result in basically no change for those who decide to carry or not carry would I now press the green button,” he said in the House Chamber.

Here are those who voted to allow concealed carry without a permit:

* Brad Bailey, Republican, of Monroe

* Edmond Gionet, Republican, of  Lincoln

* Erin Hennessey, Republican,  of  Littleton

* Larry Rappaport, Republican, of Colebrook

* Leon Rideout, Republican, Lancaster

* Robert Theberge, Democrat, of Berlin

* John Tholl, Republican, of Whitefield

Here are those who opposed allowing concealed carry without a permit:

* Susan Ford, Democrat, of Easton

* John Fothergill, Republican, of Colebrook

* Alethea Froburg, Democrat, of Berlin

* Linda Massimilla, Democrat, of Littleton

* Wayne Moynihan, Democrat, of Dummer

* Yvonne Thomas, Democrat, of Berlin

Here are those excused from voting:

* Rebecca Brown, Democrat, of Sugar Hill

* William Hatch, Democrat, of  Gorham

* Herb Richardson, Republican, of Lancaster

The bill already passed the Senate on a 14-9 vote. Senator Jeff Woodburn, a Democrat from Dalton who represents the North Country, voted against repealing the law. However, Gov. Maggie Hassan has said she will veto it. It would be a challenge for the House to muster the needed 2/3rd vote to override the veto.