Increase For Home Sales, Prices In N.H.

Sep 1, 2013

Since spring 2012, home sales in N.H. have steadily increased. This past July, sales were up 23 percent compared to last year. Home prices are also climbing.

New Hampshire Housing market numbers are up across the board. July saw the most sales in a single month since 2005. N.H. Realtor’s Association president Bill Weidacher says it’s an indicator of economic recovery, as well as increased homebuyer confidence.

“Consumer confidence drives so much of our economy. If people feel better about their jobs, if people feel better about their continued employment, they’re likely to execute on large decisions that they’ve been putting off.”

Weidacher says increasing prices may incentivize people to buy soon.  

“The best times for first-time homebuyers has been in the last few years, but I don’t believe there’s a lot of time to wait.”

All counties saw an increase in housing prices in July except for Coos County, which saw a decline. The highest price increases were in neighboring Grafton County.