Judge Issues Same Sentence In Fatal Home Invasion

Apr 26, 2013

A New Hampshire man convicted of hacking to death a woman and maiming her daughter in a 2009 home invasion in Mont Vernon has been sentenced once again to life in prison without parole, plus 76 years. 

Steven Spader was required to be re-sentenced under a U.S. Supreme Court ruling involving life sentences for people under the age of 18. He was a month shy of turning 18 when he killed Kimberly Cates in 2009, but in a recent letter to the court said he did not want a reduced sentence. 

In her ruling Friday, Judge Gillian Abramson said Spader reveled in his senseless crimes, and there was no evidence that he would change. She also said she gave no weight to his written apology, calling it self-serving and disingenuous.