Keene Sues 'Robin Hood' Group That Fills Parking Meters, Videotapes Officers

May 15, 2013

A scene from one of the videos of "Robin Hooding" in Keene.

The city of Keene filed a lawsuit this month against a group of people they say are harassing officers handing out parking tickets.

They call themselves Robin Hood of Keene.

They fill parking meters set to expire and videotape officers as they fill out parking tickets.

But city officials say the group has been harassing the parking enforcement officers.

John MacLean is Keene’s city manager.

He says the officers are beleaguered and must be able to do their jobs.

“They’re running, almost running trying to escape at times a huge group of people who are following them and peppering them with questions and observations and comments and recording their every move, and sometimes moving in very close, with only inches from these people.

But those named in the lawsuit say the charges are unfounded.

Ian Freeman is one of the six people being sued.

“In the last five months, they’ve saved at least 4,000 motorists from being ticketed. So that’s a pretty big hit to the parking department’s revenue, which is why you’re seeing the city of Keene lash out and attempt to do whatever they can to put a stop to it.”

The city is asking the courts to require those named stay at least fifty feet away from the parking enforcement officers.

A court date has not yet been scheduled.