Kuster Continues To Distance Herself From President

Oct 29, 2014

Ann Kuster speaking with NHPR's Laura Knoy at the UNH School of Law.
Credit Allegra Boverman

  2nd Congressional District Democrat Ann McLane Kuster worked to distance herself from President Obama during an appearance Thursday night at the UNH Law School.

Earlier this year, Kuster told NHPR’s Laura Knoy that she considered herself one of the President Obama’s biggest supporters. Thursday night, in a public conversation with Knoy, she cited areas when she disagreed with the president.

She also defended her vote on the farm bill which cut food stamps by more than $8 million.

“There were cuts, but they were in the single digits, rather than 20, 40, 60…”

And she also took aim at the implementation of Obamacare—a law she supports but says needs fixing.

“I agree with the public and the skepticism. I was extremely frustrated. The rollout was a fiasco.”

The latest poll from the UNH Survey Center shows Kuster with a 20-point edge on GOP rival Marilinda Garcia. Most other polls suggest the race is far closer.